The 8th Annual One Mile Bang – Sun., June 24, 2018, 8:30 AM.
“Run fast, have fun, and help the homeless”

The One Mile Bang 2017 was a Huge Success:

  • Over 200 runners competed – the most ever!
  • PA/USATF Grand Prix – five hotly contested races with lots of fast times
  • Men’s and Women’s Open, and Men’s Masters Course Records All Broken
  • Can 4:00 be broken for the Men, and 4:30 for the Women?
  • Can Darius Terry and Ayla Granados defend their titles?
  • Can we raise over $1,000 for City Team?

Come on down June 24th and be part of the fun to see for yourself!

WHAT: One Mile Road Running Race open to all ages and abilities, and a non-profit event benefiting City Team Ministries of San Jose.

WHERE: Beautiful Los Gatos, CA

WHY: Have fun running, and City Team offers help and hope to the homeless.

WHO: Anyone can run a mile – fast, slow, and everywhere in between.

HOW: Everyone who participants makes this a fun and uplifting event. So, come on down and join us for the One Mile Bang, because …

Anyone Can Run a Mile and Everyone Deserves a Home