Donating To One Mile Bang

Since the first One Mile Bang race was held back in 2010, we have been committed to donating a portion of the entry fees, to City Team Ministries. We believe that they are doing amazing things through their ministry and we want to support them in any way we can. However we know that some people may want to know how the financial contributions are being used. That is why we have provided an excerpt from their site outlining that specific subject. “We are transparent in our financial practices, so you can see how your gifts are being used to help the lost, the poor and homeless in our local community and around the world. If gifts received are above a specific need, they will be used where the need is greatest.”

For more information on CityTeam Ministries click on the link below:


Excerpts from Sharon Vaughn’s Letter – May, 2017
Here is an excerpt of a letter from Pastor Sharon Vaughn of City Team Ministries,
“Dear Friends and Family, Spring is in bloom in all its glory; the weather is warm and it seems like the rain has subsided here. Flowers and trees are beautiful and the hills around San Jose have been extra green this year. All of this means that before long school will be out and summer vacations will begin. It’s a great time of year!Hunger, homelessness, and need don’t take a vacation … Cindy* is unable to work, so when her husband abandoned the family, she had no idea how to provide the food her growing children needed. “It’s been a struggle to buy food and clothing” she says. When Cindy heard about CityTeam, all that changed. Because of generous friends like you, she received groceries, toiletries, and a backpack for her school-aged child. Because of your support to CityTeam, her children are healthy, growing, and she knows that things are going to get better. Gary* had no idea what to do when he became homeless. “I didn’t feel like I was part of society,” he says. “I was living in my car. It was life or death for me.” Thankfully, Gary heard about CityTeam just in the nick of time. “CityTeam saved my life,” he says. “It changes everything for me!”Abandonement, starvation, and homelessness are seemingly insurmountable but what CityTeam, with your partnership, is able to provide, we see “changed lives.” Lives like Cindy and Gary that see hope and not despair! Join with CityTeam this summer … to reach those who are homeless and in need.
Chaplain Sharon Vaughn
*Names changed to protect privacy.